Swiss Made assembly for more than 40 years for watches of all ranges, Swiss or International

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Date of foundation of the company 1975. Before then Mario Veronelli, the paternal grandfather had a shop in a historic street in the center of Bellinzona and then opened the first movement assembly workshop also in Bellinzona. Over the years Armando and Elda founded the SA

to make it grow in the movement assembly world, called T1, and then in the complete watches assembly, T2 and T3. Today, Reglatronic SA has about thirty collaborators and has expanded the type of services and benefits while remaining in the watchmaking manufacturing.



Assembly or pre-assembly of movements, whether quartz, mechanical or automatic. Long experience in the movement industry, skilled and updated manpower.

The processing in the T1 starts from the “bare” plate and is then assembled up to the finished and functional movement with all quality controls.


Watch head assembly

From the movement are added, dial, hands and installed into the case to be closed. Back, pressure, screwed, with screws or top loading. Aesthetic and functional quality controls. Depending on the request and the needs, Water Resistance proof are carried out.

We can perform WR by air pressure, depression, from -0.5 bar to 20 bar. Possibility of WR test with “drop control” heating for a 100% safety control of the impermeability of the case and the humidity of the environment at the time of closing the case. Lastly, in water until 120 bar.


Strap setting and control

Fitting the strap or bracelet. With the related tightness, torsion and closure tests. The straps and bracelets can be of various materials. Precious metals, steel, leather, synthetic materials.

Installation varies from spring bars, tubes, screws, etc. Before packing and shipping procedure, the watches are verified once again.


Packaging and delivery – B2B and B2C

Watches are packed individually in gift boxes intended for the retail market and B2C or industrial packaging for wholesalers B2B. Worldwide deliveries. We offer many years’ experience with several transport companies and management of necessary documentation depending on destination country.

We are able to manage stocks in a customized way, according to every need. We carry out controls on the goods, reception from suppliers before assembly process, as well as on stock and warehouse management before manufacturing orders.

We offer integrated consultancy in research and development

Strengthen your distribution network in customized warehousing and logistics


  • Assembly of mechanical movements
  • Assembly of completes watches of various ranges, from medium to high-end.
  • Laser welding of index on dials
  • Import export
  • Logistic management for customers
  • Research and development of new models 
  • Consulting and quality assessment of series zero before launching mass production 
  • After sale service


  • Flexibility
  • Precision
  • Control of the workshop environment, air temperature and humidity
  • Update employee training
  • Calibrated tools

Management Reglatronic SA

Luca Veronelli

CEO Reglatronic SA
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